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How To Use And Set The Best Watch Winder

Now, if you have already bought the best watch winder, it’s time to learn how to use and set that. Winders nowadays are equipped with a security program, so your collections will not over-wind. The more expensive the watch winder the more benefits you will get. You can even customize it with conditions that suit your taste.

How To Use Watch Winder

So now that you have already bought it, let’s learn how to use a watch winder. Although there are no strict guidelines, you still have to consider following several tips. That way you can keep the watch wound consistently. You also have to consider how often you wear your watch, whether daily or just the weekdays.

If you wear your watch daily, you won’t need a watch winder. Contrary, if you are not routinely worn your watch daily, then consider buying it. Your watch longevity will last longer that way.

How To Set Watch Winder

Now, let’s learn about how to set the watch winder. There are 8 steps that you ought to know about setting the best watch winder.

  1. You have to remove the cuff from the winder, then manually wind your watch if it has stopped. Why? Because winder won’t wind a stopped watch.
  2. Start to situate your watches on the cuff carefully and flip the cuff over, don’t forget to compress the foam.
  3. Make sure your watch is fully placed on the holder, adjust TPD to its lowest setting, and choose bidirectional rotation mode.
  4. Turn on the winder and check occasionally to see whether your watch’s time is still accurate. To know whether this is your right setting, you just check after 48 hours whether the time is still correct. If it’s correct then you can’t stop the experiment.
  5. On the contrary, if the time is not right, increase the next TPD setting, then repeat the process.
  6. In case your watch’s time is not accurate, you have to set the rotation of the winder. Rotate it clockwise only and repeat the process.
  7. If your watch’s time is still accurate after 48 hours, that is your perfect setting.
  8. But if the time is still wrong, you should set its rotation to counterclockwise only and then repeat the process. 

If you did all these procedures, you won’t be asking how to set the best watch winder ever again.

Sum Up How To Use And Set The Best Watch Winder

After learning how to use and set the best watch winder, you can ensure the safety and longevity of your watches collections. So stop worrying and enjoy your best watch winder!

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