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Buy Watch Winder, Why Should It be Billstone Paragon 12?

Do you have a plan to buy watch winder soon? That’s a good idea for sure. Mainly if collecting automatic watches is your favorite thing, a watch winder is a must. But of course, you should be very careful in choosing the product since not all of them are indeed good in quality. Well, this should also not be a big deal to spend more money to get the best watch winder.

A recommendation goes to a product from Billstone. It is the series of Paragon 12 Macassar Wood. The product, just like the name, is to keep 12 watches. So, here are the specs and why the winder box is recommended.

Elegant Design

Okay, design is something subjective. When it is beautiful in your sight, it is not always like that based on your friend’s opinion. But if you prefer a type of winder box that looks simple, minimalist, but elegant at once, Paragon 12 is the best answer.

The main material used is the Macassar Wood with a black piano finish for the exterior. It is also combined with black velvet as the interior finish. Your watches must look good when being displayed there.

Spacious Dimension

Although the watch winder products look small and minimalist, the interior is quite spacious. That’s how the box can keep up to 12 watches while there are still spaces among them. Interestingly, the winder box is also relatively lightweight. It is only 8 kg.

High Technology

You can categorize Paragon 12 into the group of modern watch winders. The product indeed provides high technology to wind the watches as well as possible. There are 12 Motors to run 12 watches, LED Lights, and a Touchscreen control panel for the Rotation Model. Some other features are added including the security lock and a power adaptor. So, are you interested to buy watch winder Paragon 12?

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